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Made in Germany: A game called wage work

31. Dezember 2013

Arbeitslosen-Supermarkt / Sebastian #2Shopping simulation in the Real Life Shopping Centre in northern Germany is a compulsory measure against the poor.

Von Ein Genosse

As you may know, we all live in a social economic structure called „capitalism“. It depends on debts, consumption, production, destruction, exploitation, social economical classes and other irrational practices. To maintain this permanent, several hundred years lasting crisis by rule and private ownership, which is not only an economical crisis but also a psychological, health and mental crisis, the ruling class has to drown culture, science, inter human relations and every self consciousness within „wage work“.

A life, predetermined and predictable as it is today denies life itself and for broad acceptance amongst the people, the ruling class has to set up many hours of inefficient, useless, threatening and dangerous work around the world – combined with artificial needs. Usually this delirium works well – but what do the profiteers do, when it is obvious that there is not enough „wage work“ to be done?

Then they do the same they do in the case of a lack of a „god“: They set up a worship service and pretend that there is a „god“. They set up churches where we should praise a „lord“ – which one is not very important, because when you have already accepted a „lord“ ruling everything, you will accept all of their other lies too.

In Germany they did this for work. Impossible? Nobody would „play“ working or „play“ buying when there is no real work to be done and the person has not enough money to buy things? Well – let’s have a look:


In Hamburg / Steilshoop jobless people are forced by the German „employment“ agency to play „work“ in a life size toy shop.

Not kidding. There you can find plastic cheese, empty bottles of booze, toy cakes, toy bread, toy pet food etc. which has to be put in toy trolleys, brought to a toy checkout counter by real people with toy dignity. Director of this sanction centre is Ulrike Kügler, she wants to „activate“ the jobless for the „real“ wage work.

In 2010 the TÜV NORD earned 800€ monthly for each person playing work in the Real Life Shopping Centre. In the same time 14 out of 161 people have been „activated“… to temp work in logistics. The building of the Real Life Shopping Centre cost several Million € taxes – what a nonsense, for the same price a new Leopard 2 A7 battle tank could have been bought and far more real wage work places could have been saved!

More about Real Life Shopping:

A child murderer as pedagogical advisor:–arbeitslose-tanzten-nach-seiner-pfeife,5067140,8374984.html

The Boss:

The Angela Merkel of „Real Life Shopping“:

German Media:


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  1. Folkert permalink
    31. Dezember 2013 18:40

    Moin ‚Ein Genosse‘,

    Darüber berichtete ich hier in den «Wirtschaftspolitischen Betrachtungen» bereits am 29. August 2010 – schön das nun auch ‚übersetzt‘ vorliegt … für wen?

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