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Japan: Die Arbeiter von Fukushima – Weltspiegel-Bericht

22. Mai 2011
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  1. 23. Juli 2011 23:59

    Doro-Chiba Quake Report No.26

    Radiation can’t take away our future! Stop all Nuke Plant!
    June 19th Great Action of Angry Fukushima
    June 19th, 13:00, Demonstration begins at 15:00
    Place: Machinaka Park, Fukushima City

    Shake up Fukushima office of Government and TEPCO
    (located in Prefectural Office) with our angry voices!

    The accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant is aggravating day after day and the critical disaster still remains out of control. It has recently been disclosed that in No.1 Reactor, meltdown caused leak out of nuclear fuels from the damaged pressure vessel and the container. The situation is similar also in No.2 and 3 Reactor. A terrible amount of radiation is being diffused with a large volume of water into inside and outside of the buildings. No-entry zone has been expanded to a radius of 20 kilometer and 60,000 people have been forced to evacuate.

    Farmers are obliged to abandon rice planting, complaining that there is no fault in the quality of seed rice. Dairy farmers are sending their precious cows to be dispatched, bidding farewell with tears in their eyes, “We’ll never forget you, my dear cattle”. In Fukushima city, school children can’t go to playground to athletic exercises and events because of high degree radioactivity.

    Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, while issuing an instruction that windows of classrooms should be closed (even in a room without air-conditioner), shamelessly insists that there is no immediate harm to health. Who are responsible for all these results?

    Human being and nuclear power are absolutely incompatible. To defend our life and the future of children, it is urgent and necessary to abolish immediately all nuclear plants and nuclear weapons all over the world.

    Nuclear weapon and nuclear plant are products of profit-seeking capitalism. Construction of nuclear plants has been proceeded as sate policy since Nakasone administration (1982~1987), which launched a series of neo-liberal offensive by the Division and Privatization of National railway (in 1987). While labor movement suffered a serious setback under capitalist attack, “efficiency and profitability” became top priority and outsourcing and casualization were carried out in a large scale. As a result, safety measures were totally put aside as waste of expense. Deadly Amagasaki rail accident of Japan Railway Company in 2005 was a typical example.

    Nuclear plant has been run on the sacrifice of dangerous labor of casual workers exposed to constant radioactive radiation. Very recently a death of nuclear plant worker is disclosed. These workers are now daily dispatched to the spot of nuclear accidents for reparation of the wrecked nuke plants without enough safety measures under sever working conditions. Labor unions (Rengo and Zenroren, two major labor national centers) that closely cooperated with the government and Electric Power Companies in implementation of nuclear policy and construction of nuke plants should take full responsibility for what happened to those workers.

    It is worker that is capable to construct, run and stop nuclear plants. Only way to stop and abolish nuke plants is revitalization of labor union to take back its original power. When we succeed in carrying out this task of reviving labor union, there will be no second Fukushima.

    The huge tsunami has swallowed a large dimension of farmlands and fishing harbors and radiation due to the nuclear plant accident has been expanding to almost all regions of East Japan, threatening agriculture and fishing industry into ruin. One million jobs have already been lost.

    We condemn Kan administration and TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company): You should take full responsibility for all disasters and plights of people! Give us back houses, jobs, farmlands! Stop massive dismissal because of the huge Quake! We, rallying in unity of working class, have the future in our own hands.

    “Radiation can’t take away our future!”
    “Stop all nuke plants immediately and decommission them!”
    With these common slogans, let’s develop our movement from Fukushima to the rest of Japan and the whole world!

    Organizing Committee of June 19th Great Action of Angry Fukushima

  2. Hier der neue Link, da der vorherige YT-Kanal gesperrt wurde permalink
    16. September 2011 19:06

    Hier der neue Link, da der vorherige YT-Kanal gesperrt wurde

    Japan: Die Arbeiter von Fukushima – Weltspiegel-Bericht

  3. Embryo permalink
    16. September 2011 19:07

    Embryo: Nuclear Power – No thanks !

  4. Hans-Werner Sinn erklärt Fukushima permalink
    2. Februar 2012 12:08

    Hans-Werner Sinn erklärt Fukushima zum Produkt der Medien

  5. Noam Chomsky "Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Future of Nuclear Power" (May, 2013) permalink
    4. Juli 2013 16:49

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